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Kiss every inch of my skin , and let the parts you’ve kissed burn , burned by the amount love that you’ve passed on it. Then entwine your body with mine , and those burns will heal and become glue allowing my skin cells to combine with yours. I’ll grow on you , become a part of you , never to be dismembered , held together by my constant need for your presence. Breathe life into me , make my existence meaningful just by making your mouth a home for my name , make it safe by caressing it with your tongue. Capture me in your eyes , mind , let me drown in your tear ducts , devour me completely with your gaze , always hungry for more. Ill let my roots in you , growing beneath your skin and bones , cracking your rib cage, and in dark I shall roam through your gardens of insanity and without judgment hug every part of your soul that you think I shouldn’t love. I won’t ask of you to let me illuminate you , and there for change you , I don’t need you to change , I just need you to share yourself with me , for I am not afraid of the dark. Let our demons mutate together , grow , and become more tamable , making them our pets , not masters. (via odaxelagnia12)
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